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YellowBalloon Projects sponsors projects to bring awareness and raise funds toward MFM research.

Join us in our next project: We are preparing for the seventh anniversary of Nicola's Kids Triathlon in 2016. We extend our thanks to friends and family who make it happen.

In January 2006, Nicola Tullio was only 18 months when her young life changed forever. During an evening of play, she began to bruise when touched. Within hours she was at the Hospital for Sick Children being transfused with platelets and diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disorder. While Nicola visited the HSC for weekly treatment and transfusions, friends and family were tested in hopes that they could donate the marrow needed to help keep Nicola alive. Nicola was extremely fortunate as a perfect 10/10 match was found within 4 months and the transplant date was set. Despite a successful transplant and the best efforts of the Hospital for Sick Children, Nicola died of complications from the transplant in September 2006 just 9 brief months after she was first admitted.

Nicola Tullio
During her short life, Nini as she called herself loved the same things as all children; her siblings, play, swinging and she held a unique interest in yellow balloons. To honour her bright and brief life we have named the foundation after her favourite balloon. Our sincere hope is that through funding and research, Yellow Balloon can someday ensure no children lose their lives to marrow failure and myelodysplasia.

June 7, 2015

Spreading the Wealth
How advances in the understanding of rare blood disorders can help develop treatments for common forms of cancer More

SickKids Copy Number Variation project Phase 2 approved

Based on the preliminary data generated from this funding a national grant from the Canadian Institute for Health Research to continue several of the study aims for 3 years has been approved.